”It’s about being honest and real with my clients and being well educated in what you are doing. If I simply can’t answer a concern, I find out how I can. If I can’t fix a problem, I don’t promise that I will. Skin problems can really lower your confidence so if I can educate my clients in any way on how to make them better, then I’ve done my job. There’s no greater feeling than to make someone feel better.”

Throughout the years Natalia worked with a wide spectrum of professional skin and body care products. Natalia started her path in the beauty industry at the Academy of Cosmetology and Visage in Russia and then continued her personal development at Astrata Cosmetology Company in St. Petersburg where she worked as a trainer and manager. Her training team had one objective – provide new esthetician with the tools to get excellent results. After moving to Israel she worked closely with  various companies and constantly acquainted herself with their latest methodologies in skin and body care treatments. While working as an esthetician in her private clinic she has accumulated various certifications and had extensive training with Anti Aging, Acne, and Rosacea treatments.

In an ever growing industry it is essential to rapidly grasp new treatment regimens and products. Understanding the pivotal role of education Natalia constantly attends training sessions in order to further fine-tune her skills.

Abisan Esthetics provide various skin and body care treatments through the use of beauty machines and professional cosmeceutical products. Every client is fitted with a treatment plan that takes into consideration their skin type, lifestyle, and nutrition. Through the use of different methodologies and treatment types we will eliminate impurities and regalvanize the skin. Natalia’s customized approach for each client ensures that their personal goals are met and helps build a strong trust relationship with each client.