Basic rules of sun protection.

SPF 15 = 93,3 %
SPF 20 = 96%
SPF 30 = 97,4 %
SPF 40 = 97,5 %
SPF 50 = 98 %

Take the time you would normally burn in the sun without protection, 20 minutes will normally produce redness on a light skinned individual.
Multiply this number by the SPF of your product. Example: with an SPF 15 x 20 minutes of sun time = 300 … is how many minutes you can stay in the sun without burning. 300 minutes divided by 1 hour of 60 minutes = 5 hours of sun protection without a sunburn.
-Regardless of the level of protection of the chosen sun care product, it needs to be reapplied every 2 hours and after swimming.
-Apply the sun protection cream on a dry skin.
-The amount of product to apply for the entire body is the size of a golf ball.
Enjoy the Summer!

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