Holistic Esthetics are rooted in holistic medicine which believe that all parts of the body are interconnected. To understand separate parts and their functions, such as the skin, you must understand the whole entity of the body. The Holistic Esthetician is educated on noninvasive modalities and techniques such as lymphatic drainage, massage, reflexology, etc; practicing within the scope of state licensure. Holistic estheticians are guided by a therapeutic model of prevention.

Dearest Natalie is very professional and practical.
She pays the closest attention to every little change in your skin.
She has comprehensive knowledge in various areas related to physical processes, skin pathology, nutrition and its affect on the skin.
She is updated with all the latest treatments and products for skin care, and makes sure her clients gets them as soon as they are out, at her clinic.
She is always kinds and calm. It is very noticeable that she loves her profession and it reflects on her attitude and work.
I was her client for over 10 years, and I was always waiting for my next appointment, which was always very relaxing. I always left her clinic calm and refreshed, with radiant skin.
Thank you, Natalie, for all those years together. I surly miss you now that you have moved abroad, and wish you the best.

Rivka Eshel

I have had many acne breakouts during my teens. With Natalia’s treatments and her personalized home regimen we were able to control the breakouts and clear my skin.



Danny Levin